trappin in the taj mahal

Mumtaz Mahal - 12:nOOn for BeatDaClock Productions
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"mumtaz mahal"

Instrumental off of the Trappin in tha Taj Mahal EP 

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They call me "12:nOOn" in the streets of Brooklyn,NY;

As a assistant engineer in the 90's in many various studios I learned the ground level of recording and audio engineering; long studio nights till day break I forced myself to gain the understanding of mixing the perfect record for any artist to become a spotlight in a dark place, from engineering to production I continued to pursue the passion of making music for creators. As a producer,I've curated musical works for many different genres;Hip-Hop and Rap being

the most involved, R&B/Reggae/Dancehall/EDM coming in right after; My roots are deeply-rooted from the West Indies, Guyana to be exact.

BeatDaClock is not just some cool name for a production company,the meaning is very thought provoking,when we create music, we use some form of "Clock" or "Time" to sync things together

so every "Beat" you hear was sync to a Clock,

We are in a Race against time,

it waits for NO ONE..

so we



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